After years of getting my daily fix from coffee shops, I finally bought an espresso machine. 
  • I finally bought an espresso machine!

    99.9% of my experience as a coffee drinker has come from drinking coffee made at coffee shops.  I finally bought an espresso machine, and the results have been magical.

    MY BABY:

    The result? After a few minutes of figuring out how it works, I'm in love. I'm a total newbie at making espresso, but I didn't want to buy a machine that made it too easy. I wanted one that required just the right amount of difficulty to make great coffee, but just easy enough to operate that a noob could figure it out, and this espresso machine is perfect for that. It only takes a few minutes to learn, and once you've got your bearings you can swap out filters and start making things a bit more complicated.

    Before buying this, I spent a ton of time researching a good machine. There's no shortage of kinds/brands/price range of espresso machines to choose from, so it was a bit daunting to find a good beginner espresso maker. I read many reviews, but Seattle Coffee Gear ultimately came to the rescue and helped me find a machine. Their site is chock-full of coffee-making tips, and  I also love their Youtube video reviews of various equipment (and the ladies in the video are quite a hoot.) 

    I always thought it would take an extraordinary amount of time to make a latte at home that was similar to a latte I'd been buying at Seattle coffee shops, but after a few days of practicing I'm really happy with how my drinks are coming along. I feel like I just opened another door to a new coffee world. Next I want to learn how to make some awesome coffee art. 

    Posted by Ryoko on September 16th, 2013 Filed in: Reviews