You might be able to find your answers here, so please read this before emailing me.

Guest posts
I'm getting tons of emails asking if I want to share their infographic on my site everyday. I very rarely share posts created by others on my site. My site is 99% my own material (I've post a few amazing cartoons and infographics by other great artists though)... thank you for your understanding:)

Product reviews
I get a crapload of emails from people asking me to review their coffee. I don't do many product reviews on this site. Creating fun, interesting charts and infographics about coffee is more my passion. When I want to review coffee beans or coffee related products, I will purchase them on my own and write about it if I feel inclined. Please do not send me free samples. I do not accept them.

If you are contacting me about my spelling and grammar mistakes:
I was born and raised in Japan. English is my second language and it's an extremely difficult language for native Japanese speakers to learn fluently, and I am no exception. So, don't be mean if I make stupid spelling or grammar mistakes, otherwise I'll write the site entirely in Japanese from now on! :)

If you are contacting me to say something is "INCORRECT."
I'm not a scientist, I'm not a research professor, I'm just a person who likes to learn about things and illustrate about what I learned. Your "this is incorrect" messages hurt my feeling a lot and it usually ruins my day. I try my best to research well, but of course not everything is 100% "correct" to everybody. If the information is really really wrong or super off, then I call it "incorrect," but if the information is slightly different from your "correct" information, just think there're always a few angles. BUT I will still appreciate it if you can kindly tell me when I put incorrect information, ok?

Using my images
Please credit and link my site (and please don't mess up my illustration) when featuring my images, then it's all yours! If you're thinking to use my images to make merchandise, please DO NOT. You'll have to go through a lot of paper work to make a solid contract with me and I don't want to do that.

Advertise on I Love Coffee
Are you interested having your ads on I Love Coffee? My website gets over half a million readers a month, so it's a great way to get your products or coffee shop exposed to an army of coffee lovers. Email me if you're interested, and I'll send you a price sheet along with the details.

I can only write and design when I'm highly caffeinated. I'm giving you a digital hug if you donated for my coffee fund. Thank you so much!

Any other questions, kind words, and marriage proposals: Email me.

Thank you for being super patient. Here is my email address