Hi there, my name is Ryoko.

I'm the caffeinated Japanese lady who runs I Love Coffee. This site is full of infographics, facts, quizzes, and other fun visual stuff about coffee. When I get bored of writing about coffee, I write about sushi sometimes.

I never liked coffee up until I moved to Seattle in 2009. In fact, I only had maybe literally a couple of coffee in my life till then. I started thinking I should take more advantage of being in Seattle — the coffee capital and I trained myself to drink coffee. Now I think my body is made of coffee!

I was in the education field for a decade, and I started this site as a hobby. Now I dumped my education career and I'm full time on this! (I talked about how I started the site on this interview.) and I'm lucky enough to have published my coffee book in 2015 called "Coffee Gives Me Superpowers" and it's been Amazon best seller and also translated into Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Russian so far.

I get to do this for a living because of you guys and I really hope you like coffee more than before after reading this site:)


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