• Tommy Lee Jones and coffee in Japan

    If you've ever been to Japan, you may have noticed that Tommy Lee Jones is everywhere with canned coffee. It's a rare day in Japan that you don't see Mr. Jones. We love him and this man loves Japan. 

    Tommy Lee Jones on a vending machine.

    Photo: www.omnilexica.com

    Tommy Lee Jones at a bus stop

    Photo: Your Brain on Design

    Tommy Lee Jones is in the subway, too.

    Photo: purplefalcon.com

    Tommy Lee Jones in still the subway

    Photo: The Gees in Japan 

    Tommy Lee Jones started appearing in Japanese canned coffee commercials for "Boss Coffee" in 2006. In these commercials, Tommy Lee Jones is an alien investigator who came from another planet to study the life of Japanese people. On each episode, he has a different job to learn Japanese people's behavior. He learns one thing about Japanese people and culture on each episode and drinks coffee in the end. That's how it's been almost 10 years and we never get tired of it.

    Here are some of the episodes with English subtitles:

    Thank you Tommy Lee Jones for loving Japan. We love you too.

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