I made a list of my "top 6 coffee shops you need to visit in Seattle" a few months ago and I explored more and added 4 more good ones.
  • 4 more coffee shops you need to visit in Seattle

    Starbucks is convenient... but we have tons of tasty coffee in Seattle. If you're visiting Seattle and you want a brief taste of our wonderful coffee culture, these are my favorite coffee shops. (I added 4 more to "Top 6 coffee shops you need to visit in Seattle".

    Espresso Vivace

    vivace When you ask people in Seattle which coffee shop they recommend, 99% of them would say Vivace. There are 2 shops in Capitol Hill and 1 in South Lake Union (across from REI). The owner of Vivace is credited with developing and populating latte art in the U.S.

    With that said, it takes one year of training to be a barista here. The shop in South Lake Union has retro-theme inside with wifi and tall ceiling. It's a perfect place to study and work. 

    Monorail Espresso

    monorail Monorail Espresso started as a world's very fist espresso cart shop in 1980. They moved into a building now and the shop is just really small and not noticeable for tourists, but it's a popular coffee shop for Seattlites. No seat, no tables -- only for take out. 

    On the left is the picture of the original shop. If you are in downtown shopping area and want to have real coffee, just find a crowd of bikers near Banana Republic, that's Monorail Espresso.

    Caffe Migliore

    migliore Caffe Migliore is located between University and Seneca and 4th, right in the business district. "Migliore" means "best" in Italian and I think this shop is the best one in financial district. The service is always quick and the staff there are friendly.

    The atmosphere here is always comfortable and quiet. It's a great place for a quick meet-up and break from work. They have tasty pastries too.

    Zeitgeist Coffee

    migliore Zeitgeist offers a great combination: coffee+art. They make great coffee and the shop is very hip. If you are tired of chain coffee shops and want to taste different (both coffee and atmosphere) , Zeitgeist is a must-go place.

    It's located right next to Qwest Field. If you are in Pioneer Square area and want to have a deliciously-bitter-but-strong cup of coffee, please stop by.

    6 coffee shops you need to visit in Seattle

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