If you live in Seattle area, you might already know him. Have you seen the Uwajimaya bag? or been to Blue Sea Sushi? These arts are by my brilliant artist friend Enfu and also this funny Japanese vending machine art as well.
  • Japanese Vending Machine Art by Enfu

    If you live in the Seattle area, you might already know about Enfu. Have you seen Uwajimaya' shopping bags full of fish and vegetables? Or what about that crazy art of Tokyo at Blue C Sushi? Guess what, if you have, you've seen Enfu's work -all those art pieces are by Enfu, who also happens to be a friend of mine.
    A few weeks ago, I posted an article "Why I like Japanese vending machines", and I just found out that my friend Enfu drew a poster showing a funny Japanese vending machine. It's kind of fun and interesting to look at each one of the drinks, and if you know some Japanese and Japanese culture, you might enjoy it more. For example, "七上," and Cowpiss (which is actually a play on the drink Calpis because when it's pronounced in Japanese it sounds more like "Cow piss," (eeeww!!!). Of course, there's a lot of coffee too!! 

    Keep making fun art for us, Enfu!

    Posted by Ryoko on March 11th, 2013 Filed in: Misc