People are still nice. There's a coffee shop in South Carolina where every customer pays for the next customer's coffee. It's just like the movie "Pay It Forward." How did it start?
  • There's a coffee shop out there where every customer pays for the next customer's coffee

    People are still nice. There is a cafe where everyone pays for everyone else's drink in South Carolina. It's just like the movie "Pay It Forward." According to, this started from one lady at this cafe. 

    "It all started two years ago at Corner Perk, a small, locally owned coffee shop, when a customer paid her bill and left $100 extra, saying she wanted to pay for everyone who ordered after her until the money ran out. The staff fulfilled her request, and the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, has returned to leave other large donations every two to three months." 
    Then other customers started to "pay it forward" as well. 
    "It took a while, but word has started to spread around the tiny coastal town, home to about 12,000 people. Now more and more customers have been leaving money to pay for others' food and drink."

    The article also says that there are some who people just come by to donate.

    Today I learned that people are still good. Reading about this cafe made me a little bit happy inside.

    I just published this article and went to get a coffee. When I was at a cashier, he said "your bill is take care of." Some bank does this every month, he said. Coffee pay it forward happened to me too! 

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