• I went to Brazil to taste their coffee!

    Brazil has been one of the countries I've always wanted to visit, but I never thought I would go there for a TV shooting and also for coffee. Yes, I went to Brazil to taste and learn about their coffee!

    I'm currently in Japan for my book promotion: Brazil and Japan are the opposite side of the earth, so it takes around 35 hours to travel. That’s almost 2 days, guys. I felt so lazy just to sleep, eat, read, watch movies, sleep, eat... over and over in the same seat for 35 hours.

    This is where I lived for 2 days.

    But it was worth it. My visit to Brazil became a once-in-a-life-time experience. I teamed up with Hugo Rocco, the coffee hunter and founder of Moka Clube, and he took me to coffee farms. He does know a lot about coffee and he's still eager to learn even more about it. He actually just texted me saying that he's becoming a Q-Grader soon!

    This is the first scene where Hugo and I met up in a cafe in São Paulo.

    Hugo and I visited a few coffee farms, and this is a super organic farm called "Camocim Organic." We learned how they fertilize and grow their coffee with Bio Dynamic (which they use all natural stuff. For example, here I am holding and touching leaves dipped into water mixed with cow poop for fertilizing)

    We did cupping in the lab inside the farm with Q-Grader Rafael at Camocim organic.

    So! Here's the video of me visiting Brazil, and exploring and tasting their great coffee!

    Scroll down to "COFFEE" section to watch the video.
    Watch the video here - CNN "Blogger to Blogger"

    I'm grateful to learn that coffee isn't just a commodity there but also something Brazil is proud of and has a great passion for. Technology and innovation are playing an important role in growing coffee but at the same time coffee farmers in Brazil also treasure the organic way to keep their coffee happy.

    I'd like to thank Apex Brasil for inviting me to their beautiful country to show how warm the people's hearts are, and how much they care about their coffee. I'd also like to thank Cine Group for making me feel super comfortable on camera, taking great care of me, and giving me a great “taste” of Brazil. I'd like to come back again someday soon.

    Muito obligada and saudade!

    Oh shoot. This is very first time to put my face in the post on my site in almost 5 years. Hello readers, I look like this.

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