• Are you a coffee addict? It’s because your parents turned you, it’s in your DNA

    I just read a really interesting article about the connection between you, your coffee habit, and DNA.

    I didn’t drink coffee AT ALL until I moved to Seattle back in 2009. But hey, look at me now, I am a proud coffee addict and running a coffee website! I always wondered if I started drinking earlier then I would have liked coffee anyway? or Seattle and circumstance made me like coffee?

    This new study shows that how much coffee you drink, how often you drink, and what kind of stimulation you get from coffee could have to do with your DNA. It solves the mystery "why did Ryoko become a coffee addict all of a sudden??"I was actually born with it but I just

    Researchers analyzed the results of more than 120,000 coffee drinkers and found 8 genetic variants; the identified 2 involved in caffeine metabolism, 2 that potentially play a role in the effects of caffeine, and 2 others involved with cholesterol level and blood sugar.

    So… those people who have these gene variants can drink more coffee because their body can process caffeine more quickly.

    So there you have it, it’s in my DNA, and I could not have avoided my fate to become a coffee addict. Thanks mom and dad for making me a coffee lover!

    Posted by Ryoko on October 22nd, 2014 Filed in: News